Raspbmc gets Kodi and OSMC hits Alpha!

Hi everyone,

Merry Christmas!

You may have already heard that XBMC decided to rename to Kodi in August. The next version of XBMC / Kodi (14.0) is already available and I’ve now had time to build that for Raspbmc. I’d like to thank popcornmix for leveraging some excellent performance out of this version as well as Martin Sundberg for taking charge of nightly builds while I was working on OSMC.

Here’s what’s new with Kodi:

  • Improvements to library scanning speed
  • Improvements to UPNP support
  • Improved add-on control
  • Improvements to the PVR interface
  • Speed and performance improvements

You can read the official Kodi announcement here.

Here are some things to be aware of before upgrading:

  • Your database version will be upgraded. If you have a shared library then other clients will also need to be running Kodi 14.0 to stay synchronised.
  • Downgrading to 13.x builds via Raspbmc Settings will no longer work reliably as a result of upgrading the internal database
  • Some skins and addons are not compatible with Helix (14.0), as it is a new release. A common sign of this is a blank keyboard. This indicates the skin you are using is not compatible.

I’m also happy to announce that OSMC alpha builds are now available for the Raspberry Pi. OSMC is the next generation of Raspbmc and will bring Raspbmc’s success to many other platforms including Vero, Intel x64, AMD Fusion and even Android.

If you enjoy Raspbmc, and this update, and would like to support continued development (which will help OSMC too), you can make a donation here.

Do make sure you have a wonderful break, and as always, enjoy!


Vero is here!


Vero has finally launched

As you may know, Raspbmc is becoming OSMC. OSMC will also become cross platform with support for a wide variety of devices. I’ve also decided to launch a flagship reference implementation of OSMC, named Vero.

If a low power, high performance device that will play almost anything is what you’re after, look no further. Vero provides more grunt where Pi can sometimes fall down (multi-tasking, library scanning and high bitrate content).

Don’t miss out! Check it out here.

Raspbmc October update and some big news!

Hi everyone,

We didn’t get an update last month as I was very busy with OSMC development. OSMC is doing well and we hope to have our first proper public betas within two weeks for Raspberry Pi. Our installers for Windows, Mac and Linux are ready and you can read more here.

Very shortly, I’ll be launching a flagship piece of hardware that really showcases OSMC. That’s called Vero, and it’s a small, low-power, high performance media player. It’ll be on Kickstarter for crowdfunding shortly, and you won’t be disappointed. I’ve already shown it off on Facebook and Twitter: but only when the Kickstarter goes up will you get all the tech specs. If you were thinking of upgrading an old Pi — you may want to just hold on for a bit there.

Find out more and be the first to know when it’s on Kickstarter by checking out Vero’s site here

On to this month’s update:

  • Add support for the HiFiBerry DAC+ (For Model B+). There is also some progress on getting the Wolfson card supported.
  • Raspbmc will now send its hostname to routers for easier identification
  • Fix for JPEG decode error in Raspbmc Settings addon
  • Removal of Arora web browser to prevent crashes
  • Updated NOOBS image to fix relax loops and provide already updated filesystem
  • Updated standalone image so new users spend less time updating
  • Fix for RT-5370 WiFi not working on NOOBS images
  • Fix for intermittent issues booting NFS and USB installs (initramfs)
  • Fix an issue when installing Raspbmc via OSX Yosemite
  • AirPlay fixes for iOS 8
  • Fix issues that occur with audio playback on incomplete DTS frames
  • Updated Pulse-Eight CEC library to version 2.2
  • Full fix for the Shellshock vulnerability
  • memcpy/memset optimisations in kernel space

To get the update, all you need to do is reboot your Raspberry Pi. If you’re running an XBMC nightly, be sure to switch to ‘xbmc release’ in Raspbmc Settings to get back on the stable build.

If you enjoy Raspbmc, and this update, and would like to support continued development (which will help OSMC too), you can make a donation here. I’d appreciate it if you can spread the word about Vero — it’s going to need all the support it can get!